Legend of the Phoenix

A beautiful ancient style love story mobile game, a love story that never ends.

Legend of the Phoenix is a female oriented ancient chinese otome mobile game. The artwork is well drawn and the gameplay combines a variety of elements such as plot, dress-up, character development, love and many more. The game has been widely praised in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea.
  • Pigeon Mail
  • Changing of Outfits
  • Hard Labour Camp
  • Foster Child Marriage

Send love letters, open up new plots and explore for different endings

Thousands of outfits you can wear them as you like and satisfy every girl's heart.

Punishing evil and promoting good. Reborn after suffering grievance in the previous life.

Cultivate children, witness a child's growth. Start a family, and feel the happiness of nurturing.

Greetings, Your Majesty Ⅱ

Start your journey of an Emperor

Greetings, Your Majesty Ⅱis an ancient style simulation mobile game. The beautiful and exquisite court real scene allows you to experience Qing dynasty. A character development game, inclusive of gameplay to recruit famous officials to govern the country and become a generation of Ming monarchs, or live a life in the countryside planting and cultivating. Seize your opportunity from the endless possibilities.

Train the troops

Recruit famous ministers and
generals, cultivate potential. Unify
the country with their service.

Battle of the Crown Prince

Educate the Crown Prince in political
philosophy to execute daily matters.
With the help of officials, compete
against other Princes.

Winner is King

Cross server guild war, form an
alliance with neighboring countries.
Siege to become the Overlord.

A wise Ruler

Fight to become the Emperor. All server
leadboard ranking, compete to be the
best nation and receive attractive rewards.

Hero of the time

In the chaos of the chaotic world,
a group of heroes rises. The battle of
the kings is filled with smoke and fire.

Total Annihilation

Choose the best to participate in the
battle. Only those who have courage
and wisdom can totally annihilate their opponents.

Taste the best delicacy

Enjoy the rural life, prepare
the best delicacy in the world,
interact with your friends.
Starry Love

All New Streamer's Love Development Mobile Game

All new streamer's love development mobile game 《Starry Love》. The new streamer theme game keeps up with the current trend and it is loved by many players.
Interaction in the live stream room gives you the opportunity to experience the life of a streamer. With your personal wardrobe, you lead the constantly changing fashion trend. Start off the journey of your dream with romance and love. Surprises and encounters are just waiting for you.
Live Stream
Transform into a streamer and illuminate your journey to the stars.
Become a famous streamer. Only when you dare to show your true self, the world is your stage.
Soaring popularity
Overwhelmingly popularity during Live Stream. Never ending endorsement.
Change Outfit
Abundant Fashion Styles and create your own look
You lead the ever-changing fashion trend. You are destined to be the hottest streamer tonight!
Warm Confidants, Sweet Dates
Intimate interactions. Exploring for undiscovered romance and experience real love.
Spirit Beast of the East

Ancient beasts is waiting for your call

 " Spirit Beast of The East" is a mobile game based on the ancient world beast cultivation. Play and stop anytime you want, control the beasts and fight for you. Devour transform, hundred of transformation,hundred of spirit beasts waiting you to collect. Invite friends, accompanied by confidants, holding hands through the Supercontinent. Battle of Zhuolu is history, a new legend is about to unfold.

Spirit Beast Cultivation

Ancient Mythical Beast, adventure in mountain and sea. Potential cultivation, upgrade and train, continue the story of ancient myths.

Befriend Goddesses

Travel in three realm, Encounter Goddesses, love at first sight, and holding hands through the Supercontinent.

Devour and Transform

Hatching spirit beast, devour transform, hundred of transformation. Variety of appearance free choice for cultivation, attributes continuous increases!


Beasts Brawl, Summit Showdown. Fight to the end of the world and become the top of the world.

Heaven's Trial

Bring along 5 orbs of elemental phases, get through the chaos thunder trial, reborn and ascend to the heaven realm.

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