Company Benefits
  • Competitive Salary

    Industry leading salary, encourages growth in Employees

  • Flexible Peformance Incentive

    Monthly Peformance Award, Full Attendance Award, 13th Month Salary, Project Bonus corresponding to your ability, performance and etc.

  • Holiday Benefits

    Statutory holidays (Maternity Leave, Marriage Leave, etc). Paid Annual Leave, allowing you to rest and not missed anything from work

  • Employee Protection System

    Pensions, Medical Care, Unemployment, Work Injury, Maternity Insurance, Housing Provident Fundaa

  • Employee Benefits

    Company provided fruit, snacks, pastries, drinks and other kinds of afternoon tea

  • Company events

    Team building;the company has employee activity funds; regularly organize employee activities

  • Affordable housing with preferentia

    Assist eligible employees to apply for affordable housing with preferential discounts

  • Willing to live in Xiamen

    Handle the settlement in Xiamen for employees who fit the requirements

Work Environment
Our Employees

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